Intimacies: About Me


I was born on the brink of life and death a 3-months premature little creature in the old capital of Germany to a complex, sensitive, and philosophically rebellious pair of parents who hailed from opposite ends of the world. As a rather alien and amorphous amalgamation of various cultures, novel life experiences and visionary insights inherited from my amazing mother, I grew up with a great many confusing and introspective thoughts and feelings about myself, the world, and my strange little place in it. The dreamer archetype as famously alluded to in John Lennon's Imagine is one that I often related to as a dreamy, exceedingly sensitive and progressivist child.

These inclinations have inspired in me a lifelong search for the answers to the existential crises that I felt on a personal as well as a global level: crises regarding social issues and inequities, the feelings, intellect, and sufferings of animals, the destruction as well as potential for healing of our earth; the true ontological nature of the universe, consciousness, and meaning, the fascinatingly complex vagaries of human relations, and everything else to do with our grander search for truth as a very confused, conflicted, and marvellously vulnerable human species.

My search led me down a journey consisting of a great variety of intellectual and artistic endeavours. In school, I expressed these feelings of subtle wrongness in the world through the medium of digital art, creating politically and conceptually charged illustrations, beginning with LGBTQ rights through to a fascination with dystopian motifs. More recently, however, I am delving more deeply into creating visual art that is rather concerned with the purity and humility of beauty and truth, as well as reading and writing poetry and essays concerning spirituality, philosophy, and the evolution of humankind. My endeavours and interests largely span fine arts, piano, films, poetry & prose, literature, philosophy, (namely that of aesthetics, metaphysics, and Eastern mysticism); world travel, space, artificial intelligence & futurism; social justice, human rights, animal rights, and psychedelic spirituality.

I grew up with the privilege of attending the respected international institutions Lycée Français International Marguerite Duras, Saigon South International School (when I was featured in “Amazing Women in HCMC” at, and the University of Brighton, England. I am now based in the coniferous mountains of Dalat, Vietnam, working remotely as a photographer, marketing graphic/web designer & writer at both Authentique Home and Émai. My personal and professional skills comprise of painting & illustration, art direction, print/web/graphic design, art & commercial photography, creative writing, copywriting, animation, film editing, and casual modelling. I speak native English, near-fluent Vietnamese, advanced French, and very rough beginner German.

Once a stateless alien with no citizenship or human rights in this maddeningly divided and inequitable world, I have since fought tooth and nail against the puppetry of bureaucracy for my relatively newfound right to freedom, giving me an exhilarating appreciation for my privilege to now be able to travel so extensively across the world. These adventures have greatly furthered my quest for truth, connection, and the novel experiences that make being human so ineffably beautiful and rewarding.

Yet it does not make sense that others are not so lucky. It does not make sense that my current British citizenship, recently gained purely on the grounds of the arbitrary belonging of my estranged father to an exclusionary, abusive, and imperialist country, as declared on abstract pieces of bureaucratic paper, would now give me innumerably more rights to see the world and assume higher privileges of international respect than those born on apparently less respectable grounds of this one and only earth. The shocking juxtaposition between my former stateless condition and my current freedom, divided by a thin line of archaically sexist and arbitrarily discriminatory nationality laws, opened my eyes and heart since a forcibly young, preteen age to the ludicrous injustice of the world. As a child of both a colonialist and a colonised culture, with the latter still reeling from the unspeakable pains of its past and residual wounds, I have since been at once fascinated and endlessly frustrated by the absurd divisions of the world that have led to so much anguish, ignorance, and hatred.

This personal struggle, along with my education on matters of gender inequality, wealth inequality, political ignorance, and most of all, those of the suffering and exploitation of the animals we enslave, form the crux of my interest in the kind of activism that enacts the urgently needed, most compassionate and connective possible change that we must go through to save ourselves, the animals, and the planet. I now write largely about philosophy, human connection, and animal rights, as well as philosophical film analyses and the like. My portfolio provides a small selection of the artistic endeavours I've dabbled in both personally and commercially, and thereby chronicle my truth in its most hygienic and condensed version for the eyes of the world.

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"L'art est un mensonge qui nous permet de dévoiler la vérité."
― Pablo Picasso, 1923