Connection & Community

A sense of connection and belonging to one's community is the cornerstone of every human life. Through refining the ways through which we are able to truly and profoundly connect with others, our lives are infinitely enriched as well as those we touch in boundlessly meaningful ways.


The Delicate Art of Romantic Love 

The perennial fascination of painters, poets, and philosophers since the dawn of man, romantic love is in contemporary times oft deemed a fickle fantasy of the bestial mind.

Yet, when respected as a mysterious beauty of nature, delicate as a flower, romantic love can be nurtured and invigorated as with any other art form...

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An Ode to Letter Writing

In an era where human connection is streamlined with text messages and impersonal snapshots, the romantic practice of sitting down for a moment for an earnest and conscientious outpour of the heart becomes an exhilarating redefinition of what it means to truly and artfully connect with one another.


Empathy: In Practice

Though a natural faculty for many, the practice of kindness is one that takes much more deliberate effort, hard work, and conscientious application than often credited to. The arts of true empathy, listening, and genuine intimacy can be exercised with care and kept warm through conscious, daily practice.